About us

CONTRACTZ Established in 2010. There is saying Home is the first school of the child So it is the family which taught the first lessons. We have been learning civil and electrical lessons parrelel with the alphabets though nothing was understood that time. We have worked with the conventional methods where pure form of labour was involed evolving into world of Machinaries, technology evolving from letargic ways of construction to Pre-casted structures, sand replacing with robost sand, incadscent to the world of LED's, manual transmission to the automated sensor systems. Our vision is to provide quality Civil and Electrical engineering services as required by the clients and to the government. Our class 1 Electrical and civil licences speak about the pioneering qualities. Hence we have been identified as the best quality providers, well recognized and top rated by our clients all over. It is the power of commitment to deliver on schedule with the best Quality and price which the large clients recognize and in this front we have already made the mark.